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Apartment Movers

If you are moving in and out of an apartment building, you may face challenges and obstacles different from moving houses. When you need to hire a moving company specializing in moving apartments, Transatlas Moving Services is the name to know. Our experts have helped dozens of renters and apartment dwellers like you complete moves big and small, so whether you live on the 31st floor or the first floor, when you need assistance, we have you covered.

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Our Licensed Professionals Make Moving Apartments Easy and Hassle-Free

When it’s time to relocate, you need the help of a professional service that makes moving apartments simple, straightforward, and hassle-free. That’s where our professional movers shine. We’re a group of long-time professionals passionate about delivering stress-free moving experiences from start to finish.

We understand the unique challenges of moving out of or into an apartment and provide everything required to meet those challenges head-on.

Here’s how we can help:

  • Apartment pre-move surveys
  • Elevator and stairwell navigation
  • Parking permit acquisitions
  • Specialized packing supplies and services
  • Appliance handling
  • Doorway and wall protection
  • Floor protection
  • …and much more!

You can count on us to take care of everything from reserving elevators and taking precise measurements to creating a smooth moving plan and coming prepared with all the packing and moving supplies required to relocate your belongings with the utmost care.

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Professional Apartment Packing Service

Take advantage of our professional apartment packing services to ensure each of your possessions is properly packed, boxed, and transported with the care and attention to detail each piece demands. Whether you’re entrusting us with your kitchenware and small appliances or a large piece of heirloom furniture, we promise to take every measure to protect your assets during each stage of your move.

To do this, we use top-tier packing materials sourced from trusted suppliers and don’t skimp on the protective wrappings. We’re also well-versed in the types of protective materials each item requires for safe transport. When you want your belongings to arrive in the same excellent condition they were in before your relocation began, we’re the best choice for the job.

Contact our team to request an estimate and learn more about the steps our movers take to keep your belongings in top shape throughout your move

Apartment Unpacking Services: Efficiency and Organization at It’s Finest

Don’t let the chaos of unboxing your stuff take away from your chance to enjoy and learn more about your new locale. Our apartment unpacking services offer the perfect opportunity to ensure all your items are removed from their boxes and packing materials with professional care and attention to detail.

Our customizable unpacking options allow you to personalize your move with the level of unboxing and furniture assembly that’s just right for your situation. Connect with our team to explore affordable service options from a leader among local moving companies.

Furniture Assembly and Disassembly

Preserve any item's aesthetic appeal and integrity with our furniture assembly and disassembly services. We have all the tools and training to take apart and put together your furniture without a scratch. Ask us what steps we’ll take to move specialty furniture pieces during an obligation-free initial consultation. Contact our team today to schedule yours.

What Makes Our Apartment Specialist Movers a Trusted Choice?

Our apartment specialist movers are a trusted choice because of their:

  • In-depth training
  • Extensive experience with unique apartment challenges
  • Impeccable attention to detail
  • Consistent punctuality
  • Unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction

Our familiarity with building protocols, elevator usage, and tight-space navigation guarantees a seamless move. Call us today to discuss the details of your next move.

Discover Specialized Apartment Moving Services

If your apartment is several floors up, or if you live in a high-traffic building, there are challenges to moving apartments – all challenges that Transatlas Moving Services is prepared to face. When you contact us about our moving services, we’ll schedule a consultation, discuss any concerns you have, and when would be the best time to execute the move. Together we’ll put together a moving plan and work to ensure it goes off without a hitch.

Whether you require assistance with packing, transportation, or furniture assembly, our experts are proud to offer a full range of services designed to make your move easier.

To learn more, reach our team today!

Move Smooth with Our Local Apartment Movers

Planning and organization are key to every successful move, and our team is happy to help you with these elements. We are more than your average moving company. We will take the time to understand your needs and expectations and make a step-by-step plan. Planning ahead will allow us to ensure that your move goes smoothly, and we’re confident you’ll be more than satisfied with the process.

Don’t Stress – Leave Your Moving Day to Our Apartment Movers

Moving can be an overwhelming process, but with the right help, it can be a breeze! Our team is proud to offer a range of moving-related services designed for apartment moving. Our services include:

  • Packing and unpacking
  • Furniture assembly and disassembly
  • Carrying heavy furniture
  • Transporting your items in a moving truck
  • Helping you get set up in your new space

Rest assured that our team has the muscle and the brains to navigate tight quarters carrying heavy, fragile belongings. If you need assistance with a moving task that is not explicitly listed above, let us know, we’ll be happy to accommodate you!

Our Apartment Moving Company Is Proud to Offer Competitive Rates

Moving can be an expensive endeavor, and you want to make sure that when you hire movers, you’re getting the best price. Our team is pleased to offer competitive rates and promise to provide you with a detailed cost breakdown before we get started.

Reach Our Apartment Moving Company Today!

When you need to pack up and move your apartment, you need Transatlas Moving Services. Our experts specialize in moving apartment dwellers, and we’ll ensure the process goes smoothly. From going up and down stairs to navigating narrow hallways, we’ve seen it all, and we look forward to helping you with your apartment move!